Saturday, December 27, 2008

Reason for the long stretch between posts...

Or also titled "I've been knitting constantly since November!"

*Warning-this will be a picture heavy post!*

I knitted a lot of Christmas gifts this year. These were all knitted from stash so no immediate cash outlay. You might call it a stash busting Christmas. Yippee!

These are slippers for my grandma in her favorite color, purple. This is a pattern that she knitted for us for years. I found it on the internet, ironically called "Grandmother's Slippers". Go figure.

This is a camo cap for Parker. Generic hat pattern.

Brown wool hat for Pete, again generic hat pattern.

Feather and Fan scarf and generic hat pattern for Lilli.

Feather and Fan scarf and generic hat for Katelyn.

Green and Purple nubby scarf with fringe for my neice Sara.

Dishtowel for my sister.

Brown and cream garter stitch scarf and generic brown hat for my nephew Jordan.

Pink seed stitch scarf and hat and 5 baby doll hats for my neice Kendall.

Kendall and Jordan (neice and nephew) graciously modeling said handknits (and making their aunt ever so happy and proud!)

So now I'm past all my deadline and stealth knitting. What's on the needles now? A feather and fan scarf in raspberry Euroflax for me. Also starting 3 matching hat and scarf sets (mother and daughters) for a friend of my sisters in a pumpkin color. Always glad to have a project on the needles.

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time...

We are very blessed. These are my children holding their favorite presents. And this is before we went to Gramsy's house and does not include cash. (which is ALWAYS a favorite gift, especially to teens).

We spent Christmas Eve day together. We had Lasagna and Broccoli for dinner. Went to CCC's Christmas Eve service and then spent time afterward with friends at a bonfire out our house complete with s'mores. Despite the drizzle, a good time was had by all. Traditionally the kids open one present on Christmas Eve which is always pajamas. This year was no exception. Lilli woke us up promptly at 8 am (as promised, even though she says she woke up at 6:58). The gifts were attacked and enjoyed. A new tradition this year was for everyone to write a letter to each member of the family and place it in their stocking. I loved this and will likely continue this tradition. Then we had orange rolls, fruit salad and real thick cut bacon (we usually eat turkey bacon only). We relaxed and enjoyed gifts until we went to my sister's house. We ate, opened more gifts, ate some more, played guitar hero and ate some more. A great time was had by all.

I will conclude this post with quite possibly my favorite gift ever. A scrapbook made by Katelyn. Love this.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Subway Gift Card Giveaway

I'm a regular reader over at The "Centsable" Sawyer. Lots of great tips/ideas there.
Anyway, she's giving away a $15 Subway gift card. Go now and check it out!