Thursday, July 20, 2006

Can you really call this church?

Yes, and according to Lilli, "we have the best church in the world!". Our summer Wednesday night series concluded this week with "Speedworld". An evening at a local go kart track. A fine and grand time was had by all. Lilli got a feel for the road (and left quite wound up!).
That's Katelyn zooming out of the picture.
Here is Katelyn coming up on a wipe out.
And Parker, glad to be ahead of his sister who is front and center in a spin out.

This has been a fun summer series. Full of fun and fellowship and not totally without spiritual insight. We visited "Fiestaworld" (tacos and pinata bashing), "Waterworld" (ice cream and water games) and "Gameworld" (board games). Now just a family break and then the big event! The church's birthday event called "Knightvision". Can't wait. Posted by Picasa

Flip Flop Fun!

Last Saturday I went into my lys to take a pattern reading class. After that class there was a crochet a flip flop class. Had to take it. It sounded like way too fun of a project for a Floridian and the class included a "secret accessory". Dang, that hooked me. (hahaha funny unitended pun- I crack myself up) On the way to class I stopped at Target to get the necessary supply. Flip Flops. What did I find in the dollar spot (which my dh has dubbed the $20 spot)? My friend Lori, but besides that...Not just flip flops, but 4 for a dollar flip flops! Being the extremely OCD person I am, I bought about 20 pairs. Go ahead, say it. I'm nuts. But here in Florida, you can alway use some flops. And 25 cents...... Anyway, I finally finished them all. Here are just a few them. In all their novelty yarn glory. The "secret accessory" was a hair scrunchy. Even more fun. Had to make about a zillion of those too.

So I've got tons of leftovers. I've given quite a few away. Anyone want some? The sizes are goofy. Size large (supposedly 9-10) and medium (size 7-8). There has been much debate on the sizes. Guess you sacrifice size acuracy for cheap!

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Baby sweetness

This was sugary sweet knitting at its finest. First of all 3 fruit caps. 2 apples (green and red) for twins due to a co-worker of my sisters.

Then these little gems. Gotta confess these are one of my very favorite things I've made yet! Newborn socks. For another co-worker of my sisters. Took the picture with the pacifier so you could get some perspective of how small they really are. They really were quick and easy. Did them in just 2 evenings.

I've been working on a poncho now for what seems like an eternity. I've got to get it done. I have other fun projects just waiting in the wings. I try my best to have only one large project at a time. Then I usually have a pair of socks or a warshrag going. Hopefully pictures of the poncho will be next. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 06, 2006


My first pair of Cascade Fixation footies. They were fun and easy. The colors are so fun! They were great to knit up.
And, believe it or not, I've never made a scarf yet! I started with fun fur scarves first! The scarf with the blues and pinks was a big ole pain for about the first 5 rows, but I got over it. This is fun evening tv knitting. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Recipe

for July 4th fun. Ingredients: cousins (how ever many you have), water (as much as your water bill will allow, preferably ice cold!), some balloons (for filling with said water and tossing), enough food to feed a small country, and fireworks. Mix all ingredients and enjoy!

Kendall being schooled in the fine art of watermelon seed spitting.
Look out! Baby with a water bomb!
Relaxing and chilin' with Uncle Pete.

A good time was had by all. Posted by Picasa

How to or...

or how NOT to slip and slide. Jordan wins. He's the champ. Uncle Mike gets points for bravery and manning the hose.

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