Thursday, June 28, 2007

Father's Day

Father's Day this year included a "Daddy Daughter Dance" at the Y. Lilli decided she would like "curlies" for the occasion. Thank God for sponge rollers!
Here they are ready for their Saturday night date. Katelyn was not really interested in going, but she provided the jewelery for Lilli's ensemble. I thought it was a very sweet gesture.
Sunday afternoon? Ummmm.... yea, he's asleep in the Lazyboy with a book in his lap. For Pete, that's darn close to Heaven.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Shop Space

Months ago, Pete and I decided that our 2 new businesses (his home theater and my embroidery) had officially over run our home. There were piles and stacks everywhere. The hardest hit was the porch. After months of searching and praying then praying some more, we rented shop space. A front space for me with windows and a glass door and a back office for him. In exchange for painting ourselves the landlord gave us a month free. Sweet. I picked a Stampin' Up! color called Cool Carribean. I really like it. Pete hasn't painted his area yet. This is my embroidery machine (above).
With much thanks to my friend Linda I learned the glories of slatwall. Look how nice and neat all my hoops, threads and tools are. I can grab anything I need in a flash. Do you know how much faster the jobs get done when I don't have to dig through several boxes before I find what I need? The door on the right is the door to Pete's space. It also serves as storage for all my punches. That's right, I moved all my stampin' stuff to the shop too. You'll have to go to my stamping blog to see that. Pete was concerned that I'd miss my crafty stuff. Truth be told, I love it at the shop. First off, it gives me something to do while the machine runs (you can only watch the thing sew so much!). Second of all, stamping and scrapbooking is a get-a-way for me. I love getting way from the house to stamp and scrap! Linda and I made the table skirts and curtains for the front window. I hate sewing but I'm really glad I did. I don't know how I would have done it without Linda! She shopped with me and ironed and pinned and cut and tried to make sense of the measurments with me. That's a true friend!

A Wonderful birthday!

We won't be mentioning how old I am. If you really want to know, Lilli sings like a canary. I had gotten away with telling her a much younger age for a long time, but Pete spilled the beans! Mom took us all to Osaka, a local Japanese steakhouse. I had steak, lobster, and shrimp, hold the noodles and rice. Man was it fabulous. Mom, G.G. and the whole Morris clan came. The day before I got some birthday and weight loss money. Pete took me to the Coach outlet where I bought myself a Coach purse and makeup bag. From Mom I got a new denim Vera purse and wallet. Joy picked me out some wonderful jewelry (which I have gotten many compliments on every time I wear it!). GG gave me cash which went towards some knitting supplies.
That was all Memorial Day weekend. On my real birthday, I had to spend some time at the shop doing some embroidery. While I was gone, the kids did a CRAZY great clean up job on the house (in fact I wish it was still that clean) and surprised me by jumping out when I came in. There was also a banner on the door that said "Celebratin' going on inside!". Cute, huh? Katelyn made the tissue paper flowers and they are very pretty. Pete gave me an Ipod Nano for the Y, which I love and immediately downloaded my Mother's day cd "Donny Osmond Sings the Love Songs of the 70's". Yup. Still love Donny. So I'm old and pathetic. There's a certain satisfaction to being so old that you don't care that you are pathetic and uncool. It's rather freeing!

So it was a great birthday, despite the fact that I am no longer 29...

Yup, Pirates part deux...

Um, how many people do you know look like this at church on Sunday morning. If you go to CCC, you know a lot more than you'd think! It was our first even sequel. Legacy, part II. It was a spin off on the Disney ride. Pete even got pulled up out of a well and spit water! Pirates and spitting in church! Crazy, yet fun and meaningful. Maybe you had to be there, or at least watch it online. Won't be long before the birthday (the church's). Can't wait for that one.

A Bowling Birthday

Here we are in our classic family birthday pose. I worked hard on those bowling shirts and you can't even see the embroidery! I should have thought about that when we posed! Oh well. I made cute pink mini bowling bag purses for all the girls too with their initials on them. They were so cute I made myself one! There was bowling, eating, cake and a sleepover (although there wasn't much sleeping at all!). I can't believe that 14 years ago I was holding a tiny newborn. Dang, time flies!

Annie Get Your Gun

Nope, this is not a call to arms. It's Katelyn in her first school musical. They really did an incredible job. A lot of talent in this group for sure. I was really impressed by the professionalism of the production. Kudos to all involved especially Ms. Tracy who was the director extrodinaire! Look how cute my big girl is!