Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Oh my golly! I'm a soccer mom!

How did that happen? First 2 kids, I somehow escaped the whole soccer thing. Not with Lilli. She's her own gal. Well, that and her 2 best friends are playing.

Our team is the "White Tigers".
Here's Coach Andy and the whole gang. The first game went very well. And although the Y doesn't keep score officially at this age..... mom does! Yup, the White Tigers kicked butt! The other team had a little bit of a time figuring out which goal was theirs.
Here she comes..... Soccer girl! Posted by Picasa

Couldn't be prouder...

Of our young man Parker. After 6 long hard years of work (that's half his life folks!) he officially earned his First Degree Black Belt. Wow! Now we have to buy him a new uniform! You get one with a black collar and your name on the back when you hit this level. Fun. Posted by Picasa

My kind of projects

I knitted up a couple of quick gifts for my stamping friend Paula's birthday.
A close up of the scarf. Really fun novelty yarn. Great colors too. Can be worn as a belt as well.
Close up of the coasters. Made with Peaches n Cream. They work great. I made one as a prototype and use it often. Posted by Picasa

Knight Vision

Yup, that time of year again. Church birthday time. This year's theme: Knight Vision: One, King, one Lord, one mission! This picture here? Ummm... that's our highly trained, highly professional church staff riding their gallant steeds. The morning included jousting and other games of knightly skill.
Here's Pete and I. Can you believe this is how we went to church? Fun, huh?
The celebration continued with an evening trip to Medieval Times. Here's the kids with the King and the princess.
Hail, hail, the gangs all here. It was really fun. The food was pretty good, the show was great. Our Knight even won! Not just the tournament, but the hand of the fair princess as well. sigh..... Posted by Picasa

School Days, School days....

What has happened to my babies? They sure are growing up fast! Here are the pictures of everyone's first day of group classes. Katelyn's schedule is a challenge, but she'll get the hang of it. Lilli is so glad to be back to her "gang", little miss social that she is. Parker is glad to have a group of guys to hang with. So far so good. It's a quick zip to Christmas break!
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One last hurrah!

Here we are. The whole gang. One last blow out before school starts. We went to Pinochio's Marionette Theater. It was great! Kendall and Jordan weren't too sure about it.

We also went bowling and to the Science Center. Then the big finale was Chuckie Cheese. A good time was had by all. Are we ready for school? Darn! The summer sure seemed short!
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blogging, no... knitting, of course!

I've been a little absent from the blogging world lately. Overcome by the daily grind mostly. It's busy here with 3 kids who are in constant need of transportation! I have been knitting though.

Here are 2 finished items. A poncho made with a ribbon yarn, and a pink fuzzy scarf. Both were easy peasy, the poncho just took some time! I have learned a few things about what kind of knitter I am. I like short projects. The longer ones just seem to suck the energy out of me. I have been knitting dishcloths like a woman possessed! Love them. Also can cozies.

On the needles right now: A feather and fan wrap in brown hemp, a triangular shawl in shades of lavender and pink koigu for my grandma's bday (argh! must finish by Saturday) a halloween scarf I've named candy corn, a scarf for a person who may well read my blog and therefore will go undescribed, an abandoned moss grid linen hand towel in a beautiful emerald green, and a black sparkly wrap (knit on 15s) for my upcoming trip to Vegas, Baby!
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