Saturday, December 31, 2005

Goodbye 2005...

It's been a good, solid year all in all. Maybe not the best, most terrific year ever, but far, far from the worst year. The new year is full of wonder for me. I anticipate what is to come.

Resolutions? Yea, I've got a few. Mostly I want to be me only better. I'll be sharing the specifics later.

As the year winds to a close I'll share a last picture with you.

That's Lilli and her very best bud Jamie at Libby Lu's for Lilli's all girl birthday. Sweet.

Happy New Year! May it be your best ever.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

My Wonderful Christmas Eve Kids

I think that when you are a parent, every once in a while you should get a pass to brag. I'm taking mine right now.

They are growing up so fast. And they are really cool people. I enjoy them more and more every day. They looked so great tonight. I couldn't resist these shots at church as imperfect as they are.

The pink hair? For those of you who are Nick Jr. illiterate, that is in imitation of Stephanie on Lazytown. I love that Lilli has a sense of style and is not afraid to show it.

These 3 and my fabulous hubby... The best gifts I've ever gotten.

A boy and his pocket knife

Yup. If you have a son, I bet you know exactly where this story is going. We had Christmas at my mom's on Friday. We got home and the kids wanted to watch a dvd that Parker got. They did and it ended late. Not being one to miss a chance to stay up late, Parker went to his room to check out another present he had received that night. A really big bin of Legos. Now in this crazy world, for some reason the toy manufacturers see to it that each and every toy is packed to stay intact in case of a nuclear holocost. The dang thing was strapped shut. So doing what he'd seen his dad do at least a million times, Parker pulled out the pocket knife he received for his baptism. Instead of cutting away from himself, he cut toward himself. Cut through his brand new jeans and sliced his thigh. This happened about midnight.

Out of his room he comes, "Dad, I cut myself". I was in the bathroom before I realized I had even put my feet on the floor. I hemmed and hawed -- it was a good gap and would have a hard time healing on an active 11 yo boy. On the other hand, a scar wouldn't matter there and I could butterfly the heck out of the thing. Pete and I debated until 2 a.m. Off to the ER we went. After a wait until 5:30 am, we were seen, stitches were placed and we got home about 7 am. Not only could Parker brag that he had survived stitches, but he'd stayed up the whole night.

3 kids, 12 years and this is the first time anyone has had stitches. I feel very blessed.

Parker says, "This is a Christmas Eve I won't ever forget!" Yeah, me neither kiddo.

Friday, December 23, 2005

So am I a dealer?

It usually happens this time of year. I get called a "crack dealer" by a husband in desperate need of gift ideas. Confused yet? Okay, I'll explain.

I love my friend Kimberly. For a lot of reasons. A lot of the reasons are because she is so different from me. Ask her if she's into scrapbooking, card making, paper crafts in general. She'd probably give you a resounding "bahumbug!" . Not me, no way. Yuk. In fact, last year my Bible study group was making some gift bags and tags for a community service project. Kimberly barely agreed to participate. Crafting is just not her "thing". Can you believe I'm still her friend? Anyway, come to find out she likes coloring the little stamped images in. Who settles into the community service project looking like she could do it all day? Yup. Kimberly. But still she shows no sign of "addiction". Fast forward to this November. "I need some Christmas cards", she says to me. Well that's right up my alley, so I hook her up. Fun way to spend an afternoon, I think. It was fun. What's more... Kimberly thought it was fun. I saw a little glint of something in her eyes. Hmmm... what's that? Nah, can't be.

A few weeks ago, I get a stampin' windfall. Big time. Lots of fun stuff. Begging to be shared. So I do what any bonafide crack dealer, er, I mean stamper would do. I pass some to Kimberly. Basics. Stamps that beg to be colored (not my thing at all, I have the patience of a gnat when it comes to coloring in images). A paper cutter, a black ink pad. Stuff I'm ashamed to say that I have waaaay too much of. There it is! That spark! A stamper is born!!!!

So her husband calls me. "You're like a crack dealer. You give enough stuff for free to get my wife hooked. Now, what can I buy her? She was up late last night cutting out those stamps. I already had to clean and adjust the scissors." A grin spreads across my face. This is not the first time I've heard this one. Alas, I'm not a very good dealer though because I give him some suggestions, none of which requires money in my hands.

The funniest part? Not much later Kimberly calls me. "You know what? You're kind of like a crack dealer...." I bite my tongue trying not to laugh out loud! Yeah, I've heard that before I say...

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Making Stuff...

I've been busy this Christmas. You should see my scrappin' place. Actually, I'm glad you can't. It looked better last year when the hurricane hit it! I've made glass ribbon ornaments, Making Memories frame ornaments, name frames, and cards. Still need to get the mess cleaned up! Here are some pictures of the frames and my Christmas card for the year.

Girl Time

What a treat. Me, my mom and my sister all got to go out last Saturday. It was so much fun! First we got manicures and pedicures. Do I need to say more? Scrumptious! Then we went out to lunch. The kind of place you wouldn't want to take the kids. Again... wonderful!

Here we are with our beautiful hands and happy at the restaurant.

It was a great Christmas treat. Thanks Mom!

Thursday, December 08, 2005


Let me start this by saying I detest exercise. Any and all forms. Always have. Even when I was young... er younger than I am now. But now I've settled in to middle age and all that accompanies it. I am learning to not take my reasonably good health for granted. So as a family we have all joined the local YMCA.

They have a super facility. A pool, the latest greatest equipment, all computerized and personalized. Tons of cool, fun activities for the kiddos. BUT, did I mention that I hate exercise? Oh yea, I thought I did.

I got myself all set up with the personal trainer who told me what to do to start out. The goal is to not kick my own butt. Slowly build up to the grown-up machines with time. So I had a little test run on Tuesday while they were showing me the ropes. Since for now 3 times a week is sufficient, I went back today. The thought of going loomed over my head all day and taunted me. I was filled with dread. But I have kids who were chomping at the bit to get back to the Y. It's new and all exciting to them. Not so much for me. But, I suck it up and go. Filled to the top with dread. But I got there, got the kids settled and started in. You know what? I kind of liked it. I doubled my time on the stationary bike. Actually did 2 miles. Not so impressive, but you gotta consider where I started! I'm feeling just a little tight this evening. My muscles are protesting just a little. They've become very used to the easy life.

Here's the question. Will I still dread heading off to the Y 3 days a week? I'm guessing so. Maybe just for a few weeks or so. The best part? Katelyn is working out with me. That pushes me in a good way. I'm really proud of her. She's doing great!

So if you see me or talk to me or email me.... ask me if I've been to the Y lately!!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Christmas in Florida

This is the palm tree in our front yard. It looks festive with the lights on it. I look forward to that lighted palm every year. That and the swag on my door. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at our house.

The annual Christmas store at CCC was a whopping success. A great time was had by all. It is amazing to see how things come together just right every year.

It was a productive weekend for us. Pete and I had a nice dinner together Friday night. Then we hit the shops and actually finnished our Christmas shopping. I could tell you all about it, but certain almost teens in this family happen to read my blog. This is the first year that we've been done this early. Saturday we worked at the Christmas store and then Pete helped GG pick out a new tv. Today there was church and Pete has attacked the lights with gusto. Can't have Michael across the street make him look bad!

It's a new week and time to hit the ground running once again. Here's to a great one. Posted by Picasa