Friday, July 03, 2009

Friday Firsts

I'm playing along with Leah over at

We've long since grown out of the regular "firsts". But we can always scrape up something new to try. Lilli is half past bored already this summer and me being the craft-lovin' mom that I am, we decided to try some finger knitting! Got the idea from a tweet believe it or not. If you'd like to teach your young'uns, head over here:

It's a great tutorial complete with pictures. Lilli picked it up in about 30 seconds flat and has turned into the self-proclaimed Finger Knitting Queen.


Tomorrow will be another first of sorts. Katelyn and Parker will both be spending the majority of the holiday working. Bittersweet it is! So happy for the $$ they're making, but it's awfully weird not to have them around. First of many more times I'll have to give them up for work I suppose.

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Leah said...

I always wanted to learn how to knit, but I just don't have the patience!