Monday, June 29, 2009

Been Pretty Quiet Around These Here Parts

We have totally slipped into summer mode. We've been hitting the beach as often as we can. We've visited a friend's pool and the Y pool. We've been to 2 free summer movies and plan to go to another one tomorrow. We've been hitting the bookmobile once a week and really love the media specialist onboard. She's great with the kids. I'm slowly getting used to having Katelyn gone 5 days a week and enjoy having dinner at my sister's house on Thursday nights to visit.

In knitting news, I'm crocheting a baby blanket. You see I got this wild idea that crocheting is somehow faster. I don't know about that. I do know that for me (and I know tons of people have dissenting opinions) it's hideously boring and therefore falls to the bottom of the pile quite frequently. I also started an entrelac scarf. This one is the opposite extreme. Made for knitters with ADD. No easy going grove on this one. You are constantly changing it up every couple of rows. Here it is:


I do need to be better about documenting our summer fun. I'll get right on it. Well.... maybe next week.....

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