Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Catch Up!

Yup, I'm a complete and total blog slacker. I'll try to catch you up on the last few months. They were very busy ones.

Katelyn was in a fabulous production of Guys and Dolls. Very well done Circle Theater Company!


Then there was the Masquerade Ball. She looks real happy here, huh? She said it was hard to smile in the mask. hmmmm.....


Then there was the SURPRISE sweet 16 party. Seriously do you know how hard it is to pull one of those off??? It was one of my favorite nights ever. Really. All the stuff leading up to it, not so much. It was all worth it and I hate to say it, but I'd probably do it again.

katelyn_16th_party 076

Then there was Lilli's end of the year program. Here she is doing a fine job portraying the Little Red Hen. Yes, May was a month of drama!


And of course there was the annual showing of the work (here with self-portrait)


Then there was my birthday. It was great. I went to a stamping class, had lunch with friends, went to my LYS and finished Shawl that Jazz (pics coming soon) and topped it all off with dinner with the fam at Mellow Mushroom.


Then our hometown boys - the Orlando Magic - made it to the NBA finals. I couldn't resist taking some pictures of the hometown spirit.





Yes, I am disappointed. I think they could have won the game physically, but lost it in the mental game. I think we can definitely make the necessary corrections and be a force to be reckoned with next year. Please stay with us Turk and Gortat!

Okay, that is enough catching up for now. I've got more to talk about, but real life is calling!

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