Friday, June 19, 2009

World Wide Knit in Public Day

Last Saturday was officially WWKIP day. Although this is nothing new for me, (knitting in public that is) it was certainly fun to have a designated spot - Panera at the Fashion Square Mall - for all of us stitchers of all kinds to stage a knit in of sorts. Much to Teri's and my slight disappointment, most of the knitters kind of stuck to their own gang even though there were quite a few groups represented. Oh well, I understand wanting to stay in your comfort zone. I did run into another stamper turned knitter. Funny!

Here are some pics:
This is me and Teri acting that we aren't jealous a bit that Tracey is in Alaska! Sheesh!

And this is before the whole gang got there.
See, it does look kind of clicky, doesn't it.

Oh well, any day with knitting is a good day. I enjoyed talking with Edie and Marley and Teri. Certainly a good experience.

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